Patrik Beňo

Software Development Services

Greenhorn, s.r.o.

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83102 Bratislava



Phone:      +421 948 122 121 (SK)



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Banking:    SK3675000000004008741581 CEKOSKBX

                CZ8603000000000231896537 CEKOCZPP      


Personal Data

Date of Birth:

June 22, 1972





English, Czech



Programming languages / APIs

Excellent level:

Java/Java5, J2EE, SQL, JPA, XML, XPath, HTML/XHTML, Bash

Very good:



C/C++, Pascal, Assembler x86, PL/SQL

Development Tools

Excellent level:

IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse, WebSphere Application Developer (WSAD), Apache Ant, Versant OpenAccess JDO Workbench (former JDOGenie), DBVisualizer, Aqua Data Studio


Magicdraw UML, Borland JBuilder, Netbeans


Excellent level:

IBM WebSphere AS, Jetty, Bea Weblogic, MySQL, Versant OpenAccess JDO (former JDOGenie), JProfiler

Very good:

BEA Weblogic, Sun iPlanet, Tomcat, Jboss, Apache, Oracle, MSSQL


Sun iPlanet, Sybase

Communication protocols

Excellent level:


Very good:





Secondary School:

High school of Polygraphy, Bratislava, Slovakia (leaving examination)

Trainings & Certificates




Java2 Master



The Eontec Developer Foundation Level Course



The Eontec Analyst & Design Course



IBM Websphere 5 Administration




Professional Experiences

POSAM, s.r.o.

Release & Deployment Manager
(since 2014)

DCOM –Municipality Data Centre (national project)

(since Februrary 2014)


·         Release Manager

·         Deployment Manager

Responsibilities included:

·         Release management

·         Deployment management

·         Configuration management

·         Design, implementation, administration and maintenance of the continuous integration platform, source and artifact repositories

·         Infrastructural support: PKI, load balancers (HAProxy, Apache, Fortigate, F5)

·         Administration of ~150+ virtual machines in 4 environments (DEV, INT, TEST, PROD)

·         Consulting architectural and technology aspects of applications


J2EE Software Architect 

Started as J2EE Senior Developer, later assigned a position of J2EE Software Architect. Primarily focused on the development of software based on J2EE technologies.

VÚB – MultiChannel

(January 2011 – December 2013)


·         Software Architect

·         Channel Application Assembly Team Lead

Responsibilities included:

·         Integration components architecture

·         Channel application architecture

·         Team Leading

Zuno – Tuning Performance Issues

(August – December 2010)

Performance tuning of the brand new Internet Banking application.

Responsibilities included:

·         Identify performance bottleneck

·         Design and execute performance tests

·         Analyse performance test results

·         Propose application improvements to resolve or mitigate found issues

·         Team leading (1-3 team members)

Česká spořitelna – Project Housing Operations (HOP)

(July 2009 – July 2010)

Intranet application for mortgage loans management and client applications service.

Technologies, tools and products used:

·      Spring, JSF, Facelets, Spring Webflow, RichFaces, JSR-303 (Validations), Spring AOP

·      BPMS integration (ActiveVOS), webservices

·      Enterprise Architect, Confluence, HP Quality Center

Responsibilities included:

·      Frontend architecture, design & implementation

·      Framework: architecture based on pre-selected tools and components.

·      Application: architecture and design

·      Team leading (2-5 members)

·      Implementation

Komerční banka – Project ASA/CIC (?)

(July 2008 – June 2009)

Application based on KB’s GDF4J framework (see below).

Responsibilities included:

·      Architecture and design

·      Implementation

Komerční banka – Project GDF4J Framework & GDF4J Shared Services

(Nov. 2005 – June 2009)

Service oriented development platform, using several innovative and progressive approaches (like EJB3 emulation within EJB/2.1 container). Served as a base for further development of the KB shared services.

Designed and implemented a few core framework components, optional extensions and shared services, contributed several architectural ideas and designs.

Technologies, tools and products used:

·      Concepts: IOC, AOP, ORM, SOA

·      APIs: Java 5, JPA, JMS, JMX, web services

·      Hibernate, AspectJ, Maven2

·      IBM WebSphere 6, IBM MQ Series, Oracle 10g

·      JIRA, Confluence, Subversion

Responsibilities included:

·      Research and analysis, consultancy

·      Architecture and design (components and services)

·      Implementation

·      Maintainance and support

Sub-projects involved with:

·      Framework core:

o   Injection (IOC container) - review & idea contribution

o   Logging subsystem (design & implementation)

o   Configuration (implementation)

·      Framework optional extensions:

o   Xjms (JMS integration library) – simplifies JMS configuration/binding and works around several problems/limitations imposed by WAS6

o   Xpersistence (JPA extensions) – simplifies JPA query usage/management

o   Xevents (generic JMS-based events/notifications support for distributed applications)

o   Xlifecycle (universal lifecycle management support for J2EE applications)

o   And a few more less important components…

·      Services:

o   Scheduling – design & implementation

o   Lightweight Integration Service (LIS) – design & implementation

o   Audit – design (& partial implementation)

ARTEMIS Enterprise Development Platform

(Dec. 2004 – Oct. 2005)

Development platform based on established or emerging J2EE standards as well as some proprietary approaches/solutions. Covers whole lifecycle of the application development (architecture, design, implementation, building, testing, methodologies, etc)..

Project was later effectivelly merged with KB’s GDF4J project (see above).

Technologies, tools and products used:

·      Concepts: IOC, AOP, ORM, SOA

·      Java 5, AspectJ, Hibernate, webservices, XML schema, bytecode generation

·      Jetty

·      JIRA, Confluence, Subversion

Responsibilities included:

·      Lead Architect

·      Requirements analysis

·      Research

·      Architecture and design

·      Methodology setup

·      Implementation

Komerční banka – Project PATRO

(Jan. – Nov. 2004)

PATRO application enables back office users to create, store and manage loan contracts and various types of collateral instruments. It is based on KB's GDF framework and runs on IBM WebSphere 5.1 application server and Oracle 9i database. Frontend is implemented using GDF's extension of Java Swing framework.

Technologies, tools and products used:

·      IBM WebSphere 5.x, Oracle 9i, IBM WebSphere Application Developer Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, KB’s GDF framework

Responsibilities included:

·      Design and implementation of generic request dispatcher and object convertor (Java objects to/from Eontec transport protocol which is hashtable of Strings). Basically this resulted in upgrading Eontec’s architecture from far too generic Bean.processDatapacket(Datapacket) calls to full OOP architecture.

·      Implementation of several application use cases, ranging from frontend/backend communication to web service providing KB’s legacy MS Word templates with requested data about various types of collateral instruments.

Komerční banka – Project Renaissance


Renaissance project consists of GDF and NTS subprojects. GDF is J2EE framework allowing effective, parallel, in-house, unified development of centralized multi-channel system, based on the Eontec/Siebel MCA. NTS project is developed as the first application using GDF, it uses GDF components and extends Eontec/Siebel  Teller business module. Framework uses J2EE application server, fat swing clients and thin JSP clients. Important project task is also methodology development.

Technologies, tools and products used:

·      J2EE, EJB, JMS, JSP, Swing, JDBC, IBM WebSphere 5.0, Eontec/Siebel MCA, Eontec/Siebel Teller module, JTest, Rational Rose Profesional J Edition, ClearCase, TrackRecord, CaseWise, MQ Series

Responsibilities included:

·      Quality review and acceptance of the designs and implementations of the GDF’s components and modules.

·      Design and implementation of the prototype application based on GDF framework.

Komerční banka - Project Direct Channel Integration


Complex Project of Multichanel banking based on the J2EE technologies, integrated with various backbends.

Technologies used:

·      J2EE, EJB, XML, DHTML, JSP, Servlets, EJB, CORBA

Tools and products used:

·      Sun iPlanet 6.5, IBM MQ Series, Oracle 8.1.6, various libraries (log4j, Baltimore, jDom), ANT,  JavaCC, IntelliJ IDEA

Responsibilities included:

·      Enhancement of functionality (Standing Orders, Notification, Fees)

·      Technical design and implementation of the module for sending notification messages via different channels (SMS, e mail, fax). Integration with Datasys products: MobileChange, FaxChange.

QBIZM, s.r.o

Project Analyst / Developer        

·      Implementation of back-end parts for Bontonland internet shop (

·      Analysis and implementation of a sophisticated B2B portal and business search engine (

Česká spořitelna - Internet banking

(Jan - Aug 2002)

Technologies used:

·      JMS, JDBC, SQL, XML

Tools and products used:

·      BEA Weblogic, Oracle database, IntelliJ IDEA

Responsibilities included:

·      Member of the international team developing a Customer Interaction Center and Internet Banking application.

·      Implementation of the SMSEngine, high performance, multithreaded, standalone application which retrieves application‑generated messages from JMS queue (BEA Weblogic), and sends them to various SMS gateways (low‑level, socket‑based communication, various protocols (both standard and proprietary). – B2B portal

Sofisticated B2B portal and business search engine (

Technologies, tools and products used:

·      Servlets, JDBC, XML, Apache, Tomcat, Sybase database

Responsibilities included:

·      Business & functional analysis, design and implementation of the vaious parts of the application

HyperQbs Framework

Company’s flagship product, sofisticated MVC framework.

Responsibilities included:

·      Design and implementation of the key application components based on HyperQbs platform: generic and extensible FormProcessor, TableProcessor, TreeBrowser.

·      Testing and QA, Support for HyperQbs development team – Internet Shop

Technologies, tools and products used:

·      Java Servlets, JDBC, XML, Qbizm HyperQbs, Apache+JServ, Sybase database

Responsibilities included:

·      Implementation of some backend-parts of the application and a few supporting application administration utilities. & - Internet shop and secure payment gateway

Technologies, tools and products used:

·      Progress 4GL, Progress and DB2 databases, IBM Payment Server (SET)

Responsibilities included:

·      Maintenance of the internet shop application ( and SET (Secure Electronic Transactions) gateway (

TELEM, s.r.o.

Offset Prepress Specialist        

Responsibilities included:

·      offset prepress‑specific tasks

·      development of a simple employee database (Windows 3.1, Pascal)

·      assigned to develop a specialized database utility to help maintain the company archive (finished functional design and technical analysis, project was not implemented due to company reorganization)